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Long Press midi command for Tuner

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Midi controller question: how to play nicely with both a Snapshot Down (Press) and Tuner (Long Press) commands on a Midi preset?
I use a Morningstar MC6 for reference.

I first tried with the Snapshot Down first on Press, then Tuner on Long Press, then Snapshot Up on Long Press.
This way, using the Tuner automatically puts me back to the original Snapshot (the HX Stomp only has 3).

Then I remembered I could swap the commands: the Long Press for tuner first, and then the normal Press for Snapshot Down.

* The second solution here did not work. The Snapshot still gets changed
* I also don't know how to make either 'Tuner' or 'Snapshot Down' display on the Midi unit, base on whether I used a Long or normal Press trigger...

Any thoughts? 1f642.png Thanks!

Another issue I couldn't fix in my Midi adventures: using the Record command on the Looper automatically triggers the Play command. I may be able to go past it by... not having a Play button, and having a dedicated Stop and Undo button, rather than Toggles. To-be-tried.

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In case someone runs into the same problem: the solution as given by Morningstar FX themselves is to do the Snapshot command at Release, vs. Press. I have yet to try it.


A Long Press will ALWAYS also trigger a Press. So having Main function = Release, Second function = Long Press, the two are decoupled.

Looking further into it: the main function could be triggered on Long Press Release (e.g. when timing is critical) and the second function on Press, which keeps them decoupled as well. On the 'to try' list!

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