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Serious issue after firmware update 2.7 not completed

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i am on windows 10. Firmware update 2.70 broke up and did not complete. Now my helix does not boot.


Screen says FW Version 2.70.0 but helix hangs and is not booting.


red "0" on top left, than changes in some red cryptic letters in the top line.


helix unit is not found by windows and helix edit 2.7


helix control is not recognized.


After entering update mode enc 1&6 helix is recognized by windows but helix edit can not connect - error message "connection interrupted"


Tried with PC and notebook - same issue.


Tried several usb Ports, cables etc. - same issue.


Driver is updated.


Can anyone help?


Thanks and sorry for my bad english




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I agree with Rocco_Crocco.....contact Line 6 Support.  I'm sure your unit is just fine and they'll be able to help.

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I see you're trying to connect to HX Edit, but have you tried reconnecting to the Updater? I would download the FW separately and save it to your computer, then try running the Updater again and installing the FW from the hard drive instead of downloading it through the updater.

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