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Request A Tone 2.0


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Just found out that the amp and cab parameters are not being transferred in up and down load. It may take a few days cause I don't have much time right now, but I will try to get to your tone and find out what I had parameters set to. 


For now here's what you can tweak for yourself. 


Master at 100% allows the amp to be fully distorted. So if it is set to 50% it will lessen the over all amount of distortion the amp on its own will have. I really like to use the each amps own drive/distortion before adding a pedal. If I want the clean sound I store the amp clean on a separate patch. Many times I'll have sort of an A/B box thing going on. Same amp one patch clean the other fully driven.


SAG does what it sounds like. It sags the signal, or it flexes.  I put it on 100% most of the time with Fender amps. I also pull it back to 0% for clean tones like pink Floyd. On 0% every little nuance is instantly transferred to the speakers. Running it to 100% allows the flex, or SAG to happen. Springy spongy sound. I use this many times to get the brown sound for Van Halen tone.


HUM just adds the hum sound. I don't use it very often. I usually leave it on 50% or less for all my tones.


Bias I love this one. If I am trying to get the fender tone I put it on 100%. To me it breaks up less, just like 6L6's compared to EL34's. So to get that tone you guessed it, I put it on 0%. Now for the older plexie I guess you could put it on 100%. Try it.


Bias X I haven't figured out yet. So for now I turn it to 100% or 0% which ever sounds the best.




Cab's I set the the 

Low cut to 0%  so it gets a real beefy tone. You are getting all the bass that the amp and cab produce.


Res level I'v been setting to 100%. It makes the cab louder which makes the cabs tone show up.


Thump I set at 50% because it does the same thing, It brings out some of the cab characteristics.


Decay I set on 0% unless I want a flangey sound. In reality this is probably 0.01 to 0.50 millisecond delay.


So if the amp tone you're looking for is a clean sound set the master back towards 50% i.e (50% or less), set the sag towards 0% Bias towards i.e (50% or more) or on 100% Bias X on 100%.


If you are looking for heavy distortion set the master on 100% sag at 0% bias towards 0% (50% or less)  

Bias X towards 0% (50% or less) 

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You are correct about the function of several of the DEP controls.  Here is what the others generally do.


Amp DEP:  The affect of the amp DEP's become evident as the Master DEP is increased.


Hum: (AC ripple) can actually alter the tone in some ways.  Not sure how.


Bias: increases the "boldness" as well as the amount of generated even harmonics in the class AB amp models for richer amp distotion.


Bias X: Increases the range of the "floating" Bias, which is affected by signal dynamics.  I think it gets "warmer" as the signal decays.  The gain curve is changed so the reactance of the distortion to playing dynamics is more sensitive.


Speaker DEP:


Res: increases overall speaker/cabinet resonance, which is the internal standing wave gain.  There is a sort of compression affect at extreme levels.  It's a key ingredient in loud sounding guitar tone. 


Decay: decreases speaker damping for a "looser" tone.  Upper mids are smoothed off and highs are lost.  Detail/articulation is sacrificed.  Can be great for lead tones, but chords can lack definition.



These things and much more are explained very well in this online guide:


Pentode tubes like EL34/84 produce much more 3rd harmonic distortion than the beam tetrodes in most of the other amp models.  That's why EL types sound more "crunchy", particularly in class AB operating mode where even generated harmonics are canceled and 6V6, KT66 and 5881 beam tetrodes seem to have the least crunch and smoothest break up from what I hear.  The crunch and gain curve of any amp can of course be altered via the Bias and Bias X DEP's.

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