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Pod Farm 2.5 Plugin And Metal Shop

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I'm just about to buy the pod farm 2.5 plugin and want to purchase metal shop with it, but at the bottom of the text it says:"This version of POD Farm does not support model packs."

Does that mean I can't use it in with the plugin? 

I already have HD Pro, but it's lacking in metal amps. What do i need to do to get it?




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If you are buying the iLok version it does not support the addition of model packs.  You either purchase the standard version or the Platinum (fully loaded) version.


You can also purchase the "hardware independent" version  That version allows you to install it on up to 4 computers (or line 6 devices) simultaneously, with a lifetime maximum of 10 registered computers or devices.  This version will also allow you to fire up POD Farm 2.5 as a stand-alone program for playing or tweaking.  The hardware independent version also supports the addition of individual model packs.


There is no maximum computer limit for the iLok, but the only model options are basic and full.  You cannot use it in stand-alone mode.

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i believe that there is someplace on the website that says the hardware independent version cannot use model packs... that's incorrect, the hardware independent version CAN use model packs.

I've seen questions about this error a few times.

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