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Unchained settings -or- recommend pedal


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Hi gang,


I've used this forum heavily to try and set my Helix to give me that EVH Unchained flanger sound (particularly the "whoosh" on the low notes) and I just can't seem to capture the same sound as the album.


Has anyone had any success that could share their settings?


Alternatively, if you can recommend a small footprint flanger (no space for the 4-knob MXR117 or EVH variant) that can accomplish the same sound, it would be greatly appreciated!



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On 10/26/2018 at 1:26 PM, j_hotch said:

Thanks, j_hotch.  That's my most watched video by far.  For me, to get the most authentic sound you must have the flanger before the amp.  You also have to have enough gain on the amp.  Not too much, but if you don't have enough there is no swoosh.  The other thing is the technique.  The guitar is tuned to drop D and a half step down.  The low string is C# and it's pretty flabby.  I use a 46 gauge.  When you use your pick you need to scrape the string as you do the chugging part.  


Here are my exact settings:

Gray Flanger

Rate 4.0

Width 4.0

Manual 4.0

Regen 10.0

Mix 50%

Level 0.0

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