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Spider V 240 "Boomy" or "Bass Heavy"


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Hi everyone, 


One thing I am constantly noticing is the huge bass response from the Spider V 240.  It's not as apparent on the 120 model)


I am always dialing the bass knob all the way off on the amp models to no avail. I am wondering if it might be an inherent cab resonance on the amp itself?  I've read critiques about it sounding like a blanket over the front and wonder if it's the same think we're hearing.   


My Spider IV is still an impressive amp.


Has anyone else felt this way?  I would like to own one, and I'm imaging trying to stuff the cab with dampening material or a pillow in order to cut back on the boominess....    Just curious if anyone has tackled this issue....

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Placement of the amp will affect bass response very much. I have no problem with my V240 being bass heavy. Try moving it away from the corner if it's there or  get it off the floor. Other than a reflash of the firmware I can't think of why it would be bass heavy.

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I agree with what you've noted -  lifting the amp directs the sound better.


It's just the 240 is so boomy compared to the 120 model.  I bring up the same patches on both sides by side and it's noticeable.  I think it's the cabinet design.  I read about "post EQ", but I didnt think you could move the EQ block to the last of the chain?


I really want the 240 for the extra wattage (solid state)   I might experiment with Insulation in the rear of the cabinet behind the speakers...


I'll let everyone know if I can do some controlled experiments ☺

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