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HX Stomp: access FS4 + 5 through Midi frees-up the Stomp's external controller for an exp pedal

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I've not tried it yet on a Midi controller, but on HX Edit you can assign a Bypass control to FS4/5 even without anything plugged into the external controller input.

This opens-up possibilities: I could plug my Boss FS7 into my MC6 to add a dedicated FS4/5 footswitch which would work on all Presets!


With the free external controller input, I can now also use an expression pedal.


Is anyone running their Helix Stomp this way? Am I correct in my assumptions?


EDIT: this does not appear to work as desired with a Boss FS7, which only gets recognized as an expression pedal. More digging is needed...

I THINK it may be because I only have a TRS->TRS cable for the FS7, while in this case I'd likely need two mono cables or a TRS->Mono x 2 cable.


EDIT2: yes, using two simple patch cables from FS7 to MC6 enables both of the Boss units' footswitches.

BUT... the MC6 still thinks they're expression pedals, and effects are only triggered momentarily; likely they're not the right type of switches to work with the MC6. Shame.


EDIT3: I got an auxiliary switch from AmericanLoopers: https://reverb.com/item/7006147-aux-switch-for-morningstar-mc6-side-jack-three-click-less-buttons.

This will be dedicated Tuner + FS4 + FS5, and I will also plug in the expression pedal (a Moog EP3) into the MC6.

I could still use the Boss FS7 into the HX to be fair, and the Expression pedal through the MC6. To try this weekend.


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