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Helix Floor with TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme.

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I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice on connections!


I just bought the helix floor (AMAZING!), but I also own a tc helicon voicelive 3 extreme (VL3 for future reference) for vocals. I connect my guitar to the VL3 guitar in and then another cable from the guitar thru on VL3 (which passes only a dry guitar signal) to the Helix guitar in. So that's easy enough. The VL3 requires that for it to detect the chords for vocal harmonies and processing. 

Now I should say that I have a Yamaha Stagepas 600 pa system that I am connecting to for everything (No amp or FRFR). I would like to be able to use the looper on the VL3 in stereo for both the guitar from the Helix and the vocals from the VL3 itself but unsure of how to get this accomplished. I am assuming that it's with the effects loop on the Helix but I'm unfamiliar with effects loops. Also please note that the routing options on the VL3 outs are plentiful. So can I make them play nice? I have attached a photo of the VL3 rear INS/OUTS for reference. Also an image of the Yamaha pa mixer/amp. 2019332829_VL3X-ports.jpg.9cf80ed082fbdfeaa6bca383b181c490.jpgYamaha_stagepas600_Mixer.thumb.jpg.0bdb25bbbec66865a3cdf42a2b507c8c.jpg


If someone could please HELP ME! 

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Are you wanting to keep your audio effects for vocals separate from your guitar effects? (Helix processes all guitar stuff and guitar looping, and VL3 for vocal stuff and vocal looping?) If so, all you need is to take your raw, unprocessed guitar signal from the Helix into the VL3 so it can detect your chords (with no effects or distortion which would confuse it). You can use a send block from the Helix, before amps and effects, out a send in the Helix into the guitar input on the VL3, and adjust levels properly.


Use a separate output(s) from your Helix and VL3 into your mixer, so you have guitar and vocal channel(s).


If you need to loop both guitar and vocals in synch, things get more interesting. Your loops have to be synched via MIDI clock or you'll have an audio mess. The VL3 has quantized clock synch for loops, the Helix does not. So VL3 would need to be the master, and Helix the slave. Use MIDI out from VL3 to MIDI in on Helix, and read the manuals to figure out how to synch the two via MIDI clock data. Not for the timid, but you should be able to do it.


Another choice to avoid the complexity of operating two synched loopers (and tap dancing) would be to simply take guitar input from Helix and loop it in the VL3 along with your vocals. Or take vocal input from VL3 and loop it in the Helix along with your guitar. I think the looper in the VL3 is better so use that one.


[UPDATE: I just reread your question, and sounds like you want to loop both guitar and vocal in the VL3. Good choice! If so, you will probably want to have two outputs from Helix into VL3; one with unprocessed guitar for the chord detection, and the other processed with effects for the loops. For unprocessed, use a Send as mentioned. For processed, you could use a send, and XLR out, or a 1/4" out (if you're using mono guitar signals to amp and VL3). Lots of ways to get the signal, but keep it simple.


Wow, lots of fun with the setup you have!

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Thanks soundog! I think this may work. I kinda of figured this but I'm not that fimiliar with the helix yet. I will try your recommendations later this evening when I'm home. And yes I want to use the VL3 looper for everything as it is far superior. And yes should be lots of fun once I get it all set up the proper way. Did I mention that I also have a beatbuddy drum pedal? Lol. I'm going to be in heaven quite soon! Lol.. 

I'll update later tonight on my progress. 

Again thanks for your input. Much appreciated. 

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Hi just for interest did you sort this? Just that i have helix floor linked with a gr55, variax and just about to take delivery of a vl3x. Any advice on how to connect them giving the best use of the vl3x loopers and vocals. I use the helix currently as the sound interface to my monitors.

looking forward to your reply.





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Glad to have arrived at this post.

I own a Voicelive3 and just adquired a Helix. Now THE QUESTION... These things are huge!!!. I was going to ditch the Voicelive, but it´s a great piece of gear, harmonies, looper... But having BOTH in front of me is just intimidating!!!!. Can you guys send a pic of how they look side by side on your setup?. 

The way I´m thinking i would set it up...

1) Vocals exclusively on VL3. Or do we need some swells?. Dynamics and eq seem better on the Helix... (Hate that VL3 doesn´t have proper tweakable vocal compressor).
In that case, vocal input on Helix - preamp - dynamics - send to VL3 - return - some more Helix FX - XLR out. 
keeping vocals on VL3 is less messy. You´d need 1/4 to XLR adapters to be able to send/return from Helix... Impedance stuff and horrible unexplicable things might happen...

- A send from guitar path in Helix to use harmonizer in VL3

2) Looper: VL3, definately. VL3 is only Midi-slave so Helix would be master... You´d need to return guitar from VL3 for this. So in a non-loop mode the guitar would go from Helix to VL3 and back, unprocessed, when in loop mode the guitar loop would come back here too. This guitar send would need to be at the end of the chain, so as to send the guitar processed from Helix into the looper (and back). Now... You wouldn´t want VL3 to process the guitar (Helix send . VL3 guit in - VL3 guit out - Helix return), even with no FX it´d do "something". But I beleive the "guitar thru" on the VL3 doesn´t carry the loop signal... so bummer here... I use a quitar amp and vocals on different paths. If you don´t (i beleive it´s your case) both guit and vocals might leave the VL3 on the XLR. In that case, the VL3 would be the one sending the output to the PA, no going back to Helix...

3) Presets / snapshots: I hear the VL3 midi implementation is smehow limited.. I read you could use a Helix command to trigger the "HIT" on the VL3, which is nice (I change both vocals and guitar on, say, a chorus) but it´d be problematic to have to switch presets on both before each song... If anyone know if you can send a "Change preset on VL3 from Helix" please let me know.


And after this boring long-lollipop dissertation... Aren´t they huge????. 


BTW: I sing and play a 3 string CGB that does both guitar and bass. Currently i use a splitter. One side goes to VL3 guitar - guitar amp, the other goes to a SubN.Up (sweet octaver) a cheap Zoom bass FX unit - bass amp.

I mean for Helix to simplify this, use Helix for both guitar AND bass processing. I´ll keep the SubNÚp on an FX loop since it´s polyphonic and way better than Helix shifters. But i´ll loose the bass fx thing and I´ll be able to change the sound of both with a single switch.... I really need to simplify my tap dancing... But here I find myself thinking about keeping the VL3... I hate you.



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