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Hotel California-Recording (JTV69/Rickenbacker 12-string/Capo 7th fret)

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Playing Hotel California in a Live-Duo as the only guitar player can be challenging ...


The Rickenbacker 12-string model, together with a capo custom tuning on the 7th fret, works pretty well for some parts of that tune. That enables me to play this part in an open chord position.

The other guitar parts are played with the magnetic pickups.


The harmony parts are done with pitch block effect of my Fractal FX8 Multi-FX board. It's a bit tricky to switch the custom scales with one of my expression pedals.


I have used the clean & crunch channel on my Marshall JVM410 head for the recording in our rehearsal room.


Love my JTV69 for those applications where I need an "exotic" guitar model, acoustic parts or special tunings within a tune.

After all the years, the JTV69 is still a reliable (modded) workhorse for Live and recordings.


All instruments of the playback are completely self made (different guitar tracks, midi-keyboard for bass and keys, Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 for the drum parts).



Any feedback is welcome - wolbai






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Thx for your well meaning feedback!


We have played this tune quite a few times at rehearsals and on stage over the years ...



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