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Volume Issues On Hd 500x


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Ok, I'm new to this, but here goes. I have found 40+ tones for 40 different songs for playing live....what if any is the easiest way to get all 40 tones to have the same volume output.....I've gone through each tone and put the mixers all to 0, that didnt work as some tones are the little 15 watt Gibson and some have two Mesa's maxed out, I dont wont to lose the "sweet spot" of some of these tones by messing with the volume on the amps, I've thought about buying a decibel meter so that I could set the mixers on each tone so that I each one has the tone I want but so they all would have the same output volume....right now, I am wearing the volume pedal out trying to get each tones volume set on every song when we play live....hoping and praying not to blow everyones ear drums out, but that is getting old....any ideas would be appreciated.

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There really isn't an easy way. You just have to do your best through a process of trial and error with adjusting the channel volume and mixer settings on each patch.


One thing to realize is that adjusting the volume control, or the channel volume, in the amp model itself doesn't affect the tone coming from the amp. The two controls that will affect break up and gain (mostly) are the drive control and the master volume deep editing parameter.

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Simulate your live play list by recording small indicative parts of intros, rhythms and solos for all 40 songs (use Audacity or other similar software).


Then, just by visual (and audio) inspection of the recorded track waveform, make level adjustments.


Repeat process until all levels acceptable.


Important: do not touch the HD500 master volume, set it at some initial position (say 11 o’clock) and leave it there during the cycle. Do all adjustments using all other level controls (eg amp ch vol, mixer level, etc).


General rule of thumb: solos must be some db (say 2 or 3, depending upon each song) higher than rhythm parts.


Attached image demonstrates clipping.

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