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Helix into amp question?


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Just looking for some feedback:

I currently own a Marshall JTM 45 hardwired and been using a TS808 in front of it , sounds good but want more options such as effects and tones etc.

Would a Helix into the front of this amp sound good even if I use some of the amp sims?

This amp doesn't have FX send and return so 4 cable method no go.

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Well you could use it for effects, but you would then buy HXFX - the effects only version.

There is absolutely no sense in running an amp sim into an amp - you might find a preamp makes a good drive pedal - but that's not the same thing.

If you want the flexibility of being able to change from a Fender to a Marshall - you got to go FRFR - so if you are struggling with the cost of the Helix think about the Stomp - maybe - or get another modeller - it will be better - as far as flexibility goes.

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Oh, I'm not saying another modeller will work with your amp - just that a Headrush or a Boss GTX1000 might leave you the extra dollars to buy say the Headrush FRFR unit, and that would be way better than the Helix into the front of a Marshall.  Maybe not as good as the Helix into top FRFR - but a better compromise.

If you love your amp, the HXFX should give you a lot of sounds - especially if you run it close to clean and let the HXFX do all the drive sounds.

The various EQs available will let you get half way to a Fenderish/Vox/.... sound.


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Although the HX Effects might be a more practical platform for you into your Marshall.... the Helix is still a great effects unit, you don't have to use the amps. I know a few people that use a Helix (or similar) to the fullest in their home studio or home practice setup... but then have patches without amp models when they play live and plug into their amp. 


Let your budget and needs dictate. There is something in the Helix family for everyone these days. 

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