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Expression pedal compatibility list (with mods)?


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Awhile back I modded some Morley M2's for use with a Helix, but have been reluctant to use them in a live environment because, like so many volume and expression pedals, they're basically fishing wire pulling a slider - in other words, meant to fail.


The Dunlops with the 'band drive' seem like a possible alternative to the Mission EP1-L6's, though both are more expensive than the fishing wire Morley M2's.


Is there a list of what expression pedals work with Helix out of the box, and/or what expression pedals work with a (specified) mod?


The Morley M2 will work after this pretty simple soldering mod.


What other pedals work? What mods, if any, are necessary?

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A cheap alternative is the M-Audio EXP.


1: Open the unit and solder a wire across the 1K resistor near the volume pot... effectively rendering the resistor useless.

1: Set the switch on the back to "M-Audio"

2: Set the MIN volume knob all the way off


Build quality is similar to a Roland EV-5... but they are priced much lower. 


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I use a Morley PVO, it’s an optical type. Just connect a TS-TS cable in the input of the pedal and the exp-jack of the Helix. You need to reverse in the software as it is recognised as 100% at heel down and 0% at toe down.

Only thing that bothers me a little is the non-linearity. But a simple mod fir that can be found online: you have to adapt the opening through which the light shines on the light receptor. Have not done that yet, still on my to-do list.

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I sprang for the Mission EP1-L6 and I am frustrated with it. First impressions after using a few months Very short physical travel compared to Ernie Bs, Morley, M-Audio; but...sync and function with HX was great. Then I didn’t know it but the little rubber stopper under the heel of the pedal fell off, travel increased of course, but the notched rod that turns the pot gear was raising past the gear, and also the switching was inconsistent. In the process of looking into what the issue was I touched one of the two rubber stops under the toe and it fell off. So I reglued both the toe stops, cut to fit a diy rubber stop for the heel but I think I’ve got it too long to get the heel switch.  I stopped, sidelined the EP1-L6 and figured I would research on this issue before I went any further and I found this thread. Anyone else dealing with this?

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On 11/7/2018 at 10:25 AM, entropia666 said:

Anyone have info about Mission Engineering pedals? Would the regular EP-1 work with HX Effects, or do I need to get the more expensive EP-1L6-version?


Replying to myself, I ended up building my own spring loaded expression pedal to Mission specs. It's super easy once you got the parts and cost around 60€. Works like a dream with my HX Effects.




line6 expression pedal.jpeg

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On 1/25/2019 at 9:04 AM, yatesy707 said:

Any 10k TRS expression pedal can be modified by connecting the wiper to the ring. Or you could modify the cable by connecting the tip to the ring.

Or you get any of the TS pedals listed at

Is there any photos or videos of showing how to do this in the expression pedal?

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