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Using Helix Floor to Control Helix Native In Logic X

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I use Helix Native within Logic as it gives me the ability to just record the straight guitar signal & thus give me the ability to re-amp at a later stage etc..


I would like to know if it is possible to use my Helix Floor pedal to control patch changes, turn FX on & off & use Snapshots in real time. My Helix ~Floor is connected to my Mac via USB & I feel sure that I should be able to do this but I'm not exactly sure how I go about it? 


I am using Logic X as my DAW.I can see Helix listed in the Midi Environment (Clicks & Ports). Do I connect the Helix (within the midi environment) to the "Input Notes" or "Sequencer Input" and do I then have to do anything else? I obviously don't want the Helix Floor to effect any midi changes to anything other than Helix Native.


Here's hoping someone can help me out.



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Controlling block parameters and toggling FX is straightforward, but to my knowledge you still can't control patch changes in HXN via external MIDI.


To control FX, I'd 1) use the Assign/Controller tab to map the FX parameters and toggles you want to control to Knobs and Switches (there are 12 of each you can use). See the appropriate section in the HXN manual for info on how to do this. Then 2), use Logic's Smart Controls to map the Native Knobs and Switches you've assigned to whatever MIDI (CCs) your Helix Floor is sending. Of course, you've got to set up controller switches/pedals in Floor also (so that's a third step!).


So:   Floor Pedal and Switch Controllers ----> MIDI CCs (via USB) ----> Logic Smart Control HXN Map ---> HXN Controller Assignments


Not sure what your knowledge of MIDI controlling is, but this info should hopefully get you started.

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Thanks very much for your reply. I didn't actually mean patch changes I meant using the Wah Pedal & changing snapshots & turning on/off FX blocks.

I need to dive into the manual then. :-)

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