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Replacement model selector knob for JTV-59

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The cap/top of the model selector knob on my JTV-59 has popped off.

Not the whole knob/dial, just the very top which is like a cap.

It functions fine.

I have lost this cap.


Anyone know of a source for replacement knobs for this guitar?



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This happened to me recently while pulling JTV59 from gig bag the “tuning” control knob cap popped off.  Luckily didn’t lose it and I reattached with carefully placed cryo glue.  


It appeared there wasn’t much glue on it in the 1st place.  


But a while back, as some folks have done, added a small chunk of rubber inside/under the knob cap to better plunge the shaft of the Model A-B (white-blue) switch.  Obviously, that mod/fix can force/push this plastic cap into oblivion.  


Anybody who’s done that mod to their 59 should keep an eye on this area.  Don’t lose the cap!  


I dunno where to find the exact part.  Open a ticket I guess?  Gotta be around someplace but Line6….

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Same here, best wishes to Line6 folks and ALL embedded nearby these tragic events.  Upping our donations to American Red Cross and urge everyone who can to support legit non-profits dedicated to assistance for people devastated by these hard times.  


OP, you've looked carefully inside your gig bag for this knob top?  Mine popped off taking it outta the bag.  So lucky I found it and saved $35 + sh.  Good luck...



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