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Controlling Delays "Globally" with Tap Tempo?


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New User Here,


I am purchasing a Helix LT in about a month and have a use case that I cannot seem to find any help with answering "can Helix do this?". 


As a setup dinosaur and to effectively be able to turn on and off an entire effects loop (as the amps I have do not have such a select-able option), I have been utilizing a Boss Line Selector on "B-Bypass" in order to have effects hard bypassed when I don't want them and to be able to select which effects turn on at one time when I engage the Line Selector. In the Line Selector loop, I have a Boss DD-6 that essentially is in Tap mode all of the time except for when I need the loop to not have delay. For me, this is super-convenient as it allows me to dial in the tempo before the pedal is even engaged.


My cover band does not play to a click so for me, going back to a configuration, whether it be by preset or snapshot, where a tempo is defaulted and then having to adjust the tempo after the delay is engaged with the tap tempo is a step backwards. 


I have read the manual, watched videos, and read threads and I do not see a configuration in which tap tempo can be set as a "global" tempo that overrides any default patch or snapshot tempo when a patch or snapshot is engaged if I wanted to setup the tempo prior to engaging said patch or snapshot.


If anyone out there has any knowledge or thoughts on this I would appreciate it! I really hope I just missed it somewhere :)


However, after an already seemingly exhaustive search, I feel this may be heading to Ideascale before I even own the unit and am dreading the idea of having to cart around the DD-6 and a power supply to use in the Helix's loop :(

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Yes... the tap tempo can be set to global.... that is how I have always run my Line 6 devices, and the Helix is no different.

  • Helix Manual... page 51
  • GLOBAL Settings MIDI/Tempo > #5... TEMPO SELECT
  • The options for tap tempo are "Snapshot", "Preset" or "Global".... set it to "Global" for what you want. 

Every delay (and tempo base effect) you add can then be set to to a division (1/4, 1/8, dotted 8th, etc....) and when they are engaged the will pick up the tempo that is tapped in.



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Thanks sooooooo much! I completely missed that somehow and sorry for a thread about something I should have seen. 


Not sure if we have some discrepancies on the versions of the Manual though. I did end up finding it but it was on page 53. (Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > 5 Tempo Select / 6 Snapshot BPM/PresetBPM/GlobalBPM).


Again, seriously don't know how i missed that. Insert face-palm here :)


Thanks again!

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