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POD XT LIVE blank 0range screen, but unit is not working!!!

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My Pod xt live has a blank, orange screen when I turn the unit on.  Digital screen showing banks and channels doesn't light up.  No sound at all going through.  I've connected it to Line 6 Monkey 1.77v via USB and it is recognized and even the ESN is recognized, but no Flash Memory is recognized.  The USB Firmware is fine, but no Flash Memory located, just a dash, and a question mark before the Flash Memory.   I tried pressing "Save" and "Edit" together while powering up, but that didn't work.  No buttons or lights work anywhere.  No knobs work, nothing at all.


Can anyone please tell me how to fix this unit or does it need to be sent for repair.


Thank you all for your time.

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Being an older product, it needs servicing by a Line 6 authorized technician

who knows the product. Log a Support ticket for that.

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@Lester77 Blank screen can be a problem with the contrast setting. 


@Declaredinsane Since Monkey doesn't see the Flash, then there's something else

going on there. And that requires a Line 6 authorized service tech. 


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