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New Variax Standard Tremolo


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Help, I purchased a Variax Standard not 24 hours ago, the Tremolo is flat to the deck is that normal?

Also the battery is so stiff getting in and out of the charger and guitar battery housing. Managed to get it a bit better by greasing the slides.

And to finish off one of the selector knob tops keeps dropping off.


Is this normal for Yamaha products?

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Tremolo: mail order retailer yes. Brick and mortar retailer may do a set-up prior to sale

for the local area, since set-up is affected by climate. Set-up is done at the main hub before

going out to the local retailer in your area. After traveling, the set-up may need a final dialing-in.

Should be done by a guitar tech.


Battery: should loosen over usage. Some thought it used to be too loose in the past.


Knob top: pull off knob, four or five little drops of Krazy Glue along the top of the knob rim,

put the top back on and let sit for about an hour.


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