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Pod X3 Not Showing Up As A Midi Device (to Send Midi Automation And Program Change From A Daw)


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Hi Guys,


I own a POD XT and have no problems sending MIDI to it to change a parameter or patch as the track plays.  


However, the POD X3 does not show up in any DAW or Audio MIDI setup as a MIDI device that i can send data to.  I can send parameter changes via MIDI using an m-audio MIDI controller but not from the computer which is what i want.


All drivers are up to date, using OSX 10.8.4 and like i said everything works fine with the XT.


I must be missing something simple?  Help please!!! and thanks in advance.

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Well after a bit more searching I can answer my own post.  The X3 does not send or recieve MIDI over USB.  I am absolutely gobsmacked.


How come the older XT can do this and the X3 can't?  Way to go for taking a step backwards.  Actually make that two steps backwards as you can't re-amp through the USB with a pod X3 either.  Very disappointed to find this out line 6.  Not to mention the dropped support for gearbox and the fact the the AU or VST won't work in a 64-bit DAW.  This X3 seems like money very badly spent.


Can anyone tell me how the POD HD (500) will do with all of the above things?

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they dropped support for gearbox PLUGIN (big distinction) because it was replaced by pod farm.

they gave you the plugin for free with the X3 which wasnt part of the XT to replace the reamping capability.


if you pay to upgrade to pod farm 2.x the plugin has a x64 version (you only have to get the standard upgrade)

and to be fair... the exclusion of 32 bit plugin capability is a DAW decision... not a choice that line6 made.


and No, the HD pods will not address these.



have you tried changing the setting referenced in this post:


not sure it will address your issue...

but the pod farm 2.5 upgrade DOES respond to midi, that's part of the upgraded functionality.

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Yeah, I understand Gearbox was replaced by POD farm, which was fine until they want me to pay more for a 64-bit version (all other plugins I own have provided free 64-bit updates).  I could understand if some free or very old plugins don't go 64-bit but in my eyes this was part of the hardware purchase of the X3 and I don't think it would really be that difficult for line 6 to provide a 64-bit version of POD Farm 1.  I know all the reasoning behind the decisions line 6 has made BUT that has made the X3 very prone to the times as now I can't do half the things I used to do be able to do with it without spending more money.  It makes me hesitant to buy another line 6 pedal that might not be as functional in a few years.


Thanks for the link to the post but thats not really the issue i'm having right now although it will help as sometimes gearbox is unresponsive!


can you be more specific about the POD HD? - Will POD HD receive MIDI over USB (primarily for program changing)? And can it be used for re-amping via the USB or a plugin?

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pod farm 1 was replaced by pod farm2, they don't sell pod farm 1, so there is no incentive for them to upgrade the plugins...

that's like saying they need a 64 bit version of adobe reader 8.. its old.. and no longer maintained...

also... its your DAW that limits 32bit plugins not line6.

there is no plugin version of the HD pods, and no USB re-amping capability... you would probably need to create a bus in your DAW and send the audio through it to be reprocessed...

and FYI, it's not natively possible with the POD HD's to send both wet/dry over USB.

you can build a tone as a workaround to send the dry out the left channel and process the right.


honestly with this particular issue being your concern...

you really just need to get the pod farm 2 upgrade to be a happy camper.

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Thank you for the insight!


I don't really want to buy POD farm 2 as i'd like to upgrade to a POD HD for the m-class fx and better amp models.  


I want to use the same sounds for recording as for playing live so POD farm would be useless to me when i finally get a POD HD and would be $99 wasted.  I'd rather save my monies for the POD HD!


Disappointed about the re-amping thing though.  I guess I'll need a new sound card with more channels coming back from the computer as I only have 16 in 2 out at the moment....  I'm just not rich enough!

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i use a tascam us1800...

then i'm able to send the dry in via SPDIF and also record my wet tracks analog...

also has the I/O to setup re-amping if i wanted...

don't tend to do that much overall... but i do like the options...

its just in my case i'm currently more concerned about roughing in some tunes than producing a finished product...

i am archiving the dry tracks just in case though. :)

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