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Hello all, so again new to the whole helix scene. I run out of blocks when using the helix. So i am looking at a few scenarios. But first a few questions...


1) Does it make a difference if i put delay and reverb after the cab block in helix's virtual sognal chain? Like how some people put delay/reverb in their amps fx loop instead of goong from od pedals into delay/reverb then into amps. Also does it sound the same if i run od, then into cab/ir, then output to my physical pedals like delay/reverb, then from my pedals to the foh.


2) The output from the right output is balanced on the hx stomp. My understanding is that balanced cables can run a longer length. So if i run mono left from the hx stomp to the delay pedals and then go out mono out on an unbalanced cable does the signal get more distortion or get weaker?


My last scenario would be run my od pedals into my volume pedal, into my delay/reverb pedals, then into the hx stomp input. From there i would like to use more delays/reverbs like octo delay. And searchlights reverb for really big ambient sounds. Then into an amp/ir then out of the hx stomp to foh. Would it be better to run those od pedals to volume, then go into the hx stomp. Add an fx loop block to send to my signal back out into my physical delay/reverb pedals. Then loop back into the hx stomp (also do i need to add a fx return block? Making that two blocks used for one fx loop?). Then into helix delays/reverbs then into an amp/ir then foh?


sorry for the long questions. Just really lost on how to utilize my hx to its fullest


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1 - yes!

If you are getting any drive or "amp sound" from your amp and speakers, then it will sound very different.  Delay before an overdriven amp adds distortion to the delay.

You might or might not want that.  Adding delay after the effects and preamp gives a cleaner delay - again depends what you are after.  Delay at the end of the chain after everything is like a studio delay - that's the cleanest and the most 3D if you use stereo.

But why ask - just try it!  That's the beauty of this type of device.

But if you want to make educated guesses, think about how this works in the real world - the only place you get delay after the mic is in the studio or if the Front of house guy adds it.

Bit ambient sounds are generally as far down the chain as you can put them - blended organic delay might well be in front of the amp.

2 - both left and right are balanced - if you use a TRS cable - you can go out in true stereo into a PA or a pair of powered speakers.

There are diagrams for that on page 7 of the manual.

You will have balanced all the way if you have a balanced cable with balanced connectors on either end - and of cause, your target device takes a balanced signal.

3. most people would put their volume pedal at the end of the chain so the sound doesn't change, just the volume.

A volume pedal at the start is almost exactly the same as the volume on your guitar - any drive will clean up before the volume starts to go down.

All your drive pedals should normally go in front of the amp - if you are using an amp sim in the HX stomp - you either go into OD pedal then HX stomp or use a send and return - considering the limitations of HX Stomp - the first case id probably better.

4 - there are no rules - but conventional sounds will be achieved conventionally.

If you are running your HX Stomp into a guitar amp - you should have bought the HXFX in my opinion.

Yes, you can use it as a cheaper but more limited FX device - but the questions you are asking sounds like that's not what you want to do?

Don't run amp sims into the front of a guitar amp (well it might work as an overdrive....)


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