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Which POD FARM with POD X3 PRO ??


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OK, so (due to some severe local magnetic noise issues)  I urgently needed a "non-magnetic" electric guitar to record with, and a second-hand Variax 300 is all I could afford at present.

Since I wanted to tune it up with the Variax Workbench, I opted to buy a used POD X3 Pro. (this was tough to procure, but I got lucky and landed one today!)


I have to say I am extremely happy at how well they work together, and how all the software installed easily and how it all works "right out of the box" in my Windows 10 Pro notebook.


I'm finding it a little  bit hard piecing together all the info on these 'legacy" products, but I understand that the POD X3 PRo will act as a 'dongle" for some POD FARM plugins. 


The question is: which ones will work, and which ones are free for the X3 PRO? 

I have downloaded Pod Farm Version 1.12 but haven't installed it yet, as I have seen some stuff on the forums that hinted that Pod Farm 2.0 might be usable instead?

(Or do I need to buy a licence for Pod Farm 2?)


And is Pod Farm 2.5 just plain incompatible with the X3? (HD, HELIX only??)


I really don't "need" the plugins, but it would certainly be nice to have the latest 'free' ones that were  included with my POD X3 PRO... since I am using it as my handy  production workstation/audio interface here, it'll be plugged in all the time   :)


Thanks in advance!!





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Pod Farm v1.x is included (free) with a Pod X3 Pro. You would need to purchase a license to use Pod Farm v2.x.


Also, Pod X3 and Pod Farm v1.x are fully compatible in terms of presets. You can easily transfer all presets from one environment to the other and they will work equally well in both environments. This is not true with Pod Farm v2.x which is not fully backwards compatible with Pod X3 devices. 

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Hi  I would greatly appreciate if anybody could give me a little help on getting my Line 6 Pod X3 pro to play ball with pod farm. The installation seems to have gone smoothly except Pod Farm is saying no authorised device connected and yet it sees the X3 pro when I click on midi devices . 

I’m running Windows 10 but downloaded and installed fine under Windows 7.

What confuses me is that the Pod 3 doesn’t even show in the drop down menu in the attached photo


I feel as though I’m nearly there yet so far! The pod is authorised.




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As it turns out, I actually didn't use any POD FARM ( not sure you'd really need it with a POD X3 PRO handy...)  

I don't recall exactly but I think that maybe the podfarm 1 wasn't able to install on WIn10?? Anyway I do not miss it, there are zillions of free amp sim plugins available


I use Gearbox 3.72.0 on Windows 10 version 1803 (build 17134.950) ...also the Variax workbench .

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Thanks for reply mmjjww.  That all seems like sound advice.  No pun intended.

installing Gearbox to your suggested specs will be my project on return from a family wedding this weekend.

My ‘ antique’ setup will be the Pod X 3 Pro linked to a lovely Red tremolo 700.  Can’t wait to try some of those on line tones.

Have to admit that I’m not sure how the Farm would be of use myself.  Still I hate not being able to get bits of software running!

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