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Drivers Installed successfully but Monkey doesn't report it

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Hello everyone!

My Line 6 Monkey doesn't recognize my pod hd 300 anymore. I've updated it at the last version but it keeps telling me that drivers are not installed. Instead I've installed them successfully more than once but Monkey still doesn't report them as installed, as a result my pod is not recognized.

I've already tried disabling the SmartScreen filter for the download but the result is the same. it's not a matter of downloading or istallation because they go both fine.

Does anybody could have had the same troubles or could know how to do to make it works?

I am desperate :(


Here a screenshot about it, it doesn't report drivers as installed even if I did it successfully


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On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 1:41 PM, hurghanico said:


if you want as a temporary workaround try to uninstall the latest version driver, download the previous version and manually install it, and see if it works again..

if you have Win 10 and can't find v. in the OS menu of the Software download page select Win 8, and you'll see it listed..


I guess that Line6 messed up a bit the latest updates..

I'm still on Win XP, and lately through Monkey app I updated the HD500 Edit to v. 2.27 (some bugs fixing version), and the driver to v. even if the Monkey app v.1.77 says that the latest driver available is v.


same thing for the License Manager, the installed one is newest than the latest one!?!


However in my case the device is correctly recognized and working.







All about POD HD500/X


First of all thank you for answering me! :)

I tried to do what you suggested me but it didn't work either.

I figured out it was a Windows trouble, I unistalled the drivers and my pod from my computer system and then I reinstalled them all.

Now everything works perfectly!

Thank you again Hurghanico! :)

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