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Amplifi FX100 for wah and whammy


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Hello all,


Haven’t been using line 6 products since selling my HD300 back in 2012 (when there was no option to get rid of cabsims)


Now I’m a few steps from ordering FX100 and I need an advice from experienced line6 users.


is it reasonable to get FX100 for mainly wah/whammy and some stomps (delay, chorus, drive) emulation?


I am totally good with all it’s cab and ampsims quality because I have almost all iOS amp modelers and see no problem in connecting FX100 to iPad if needed. And don’t think it’s going to be a problem also in setting up patches for songs for live use.


Just want to make sure that having this item for Wah/Whammy and Audiointerface makes sense)


Looking forward for your opinions. 

Thanks in advance!




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Would it do what you want, in terms of providing effects and Wah? Yes. Ant they're based upon older Line 6 technology -- POD XT Live vintage. Apparently you're up on that and find it an acceptable compromise.


Whammy, not so much -- at least nothing convincing, IMO. I've used an XT-Live preset that's supposed to simulate a whammy, and was very underwhelmed. Not even sure if the FX100 has such a capability. (Yes, I do own an FX100...)


Yes, you can connect it to your iPad via Bluetooth to use the Amplifi Remote App for creating and selecting presets. You can also connect to a PC via USB and use the FX100 as an audio device. But it sounds like you're expecting seamless interoperability with your iPad running iOS amp modelers/sims. I don't think that's a reasonable expectation. 


Since you mention planning to use it in live setting, let me give you something to think about: The FX100 is about the 'dumbest' pedal board you're likely to encounter. It gives you 4 pushbutton switches, marked A, B, C & D, for selecting a preset, and a two-digit LED display that tells you which of the 25 banks is active. So, if you have several presets that you want to use, you'll have to remember bank numbers and which preset within the bank you need to select. There are no switches for turning on or off any of the effects, so if you need a solo boost, for example, you have to select a preset with a hotter output -- you can't just step on a switch. This is VERY limiting. If you need to switch banks, you have to simultaneously step on TWO of the selector switches to move the bank up, and two OTHER switches to move the bank down. I don't know about you, but I'm not good at this on a dark stage in the middle of a song...


Frankly, I'd think that an Amplifi TT with an FBV Shortboard MKII or FBV 3 would be a much better fit, in line with what you're hoping to do. I have an FBV MKII, and it's far more useful with my Amplifi 30 and Amplifi 150 than with the FX100.



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I agree. Amplifi has some nice features -- notably the ability to stream a backing track via Bluetooth while playing along live, but the woeful lack comprehensive control via footswitches on the FX100 make it a poor choice for my use.


My old POD XT Live is more far flexible for the kind of use you've described, plus it will power my Variax guitars via VDI cable. Amplifi can't do that...

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