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Helix Floor - Looper Question

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Hey gang - Got my Helix floor about a month ago and simply love it! Looper question.......there is not a lot out there on YouTube. I figured out how to use it which is great. However I want to do something and I am having troubles. Maybe someone here that uses the looper a lot can help.


I have the loop block as the last block in my chain and its assigned to a foot switch per the manual. I have a clean amp in front of the loop block and I am able to record a loop no problem. Now, while that "clean" loop is playing back I want to switch presets to a dirty amp with reverb, delay etc....to jam to that clean loop. As soon as I switch presets the loop stops and if I go back the the loop preset the recorded loop is gone. 


In the manual it says you can switch presets as long as the preset you are switching too also has a loop block and its assigned to a foot switch. I did that but still the same issue. I know it must be something silly I am missing here and again there is very limited info out there on the Helix looper. I guess it's not that popular of a feature or the feature set on the looper is limited so people use a dedicated looper pedal? 


any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!





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"IMPORTANT! You may change presets while looping, but loop playback will
stop unless the preset you select includes the same type of looper block (mono
or stereo) on the same path (1 or 2) and is assigned to a footswitch"
Manual, page 13
Hard to say what you are missing. Try on first two factory presets (loop works there after the preset change) and check what is different.

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