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Input impedance/Guitar Z questions


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I'm just wondering how this section of the unit works? I've read that it has something to do with the first pedal in the chain but has anybody got a list of the impedances of each modelled pedal, or some sort of guide when it comes to that?


Basically I've noted that when I use my Shure GLXD16 wireless, it's clearly buffered, whereas a cable right in sounds a little more like I'd expect a real pedalboard to sound if it was maybe only buffered at the end? I have it set to auto as it stands.



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The impedance circuit is an actual analog load circuit located in the input amplifier section of the guitar input. It simulates an actual pedal input by adding a load to the input, which usually rolls off the high frequencies and makes the signal slightly less strong.

This has no effect if there's any buffer inbetween the pickups and the Helix, including a wireless transmitter. Same goes for any FX pedal that isn't set to true bypass.

I don't have such a list sadly, but I agree it would be useful. One type of effect that should have an influence are old fuzz pedals. Many had a bipolar transistor input with a low impedance, putting a lot of load onto the pickups, but making the such less harsh in the process.

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