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Pod Farm and Mer De Noms, one of the best albums of all time.

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Ok maybe not the best of all time, but I believe you wont find any album that comes even close sonically in last 20 years.


Today I was looking around the internet trying to learn more about Billy Howerdel's guitar tone. I assume we all know who Billy is. :) I came across one thread on fractal forum. One guy was asking about instructions on how to create a tone another guy answered...You know same old same old, except the answer that the other guy gave blow me away. I'm just gonna copy-paste.the text:


''I've talked to Billy about this 2 or 3 times and also talked to Dave Friedman as well.

The Mer De Noms tones were all done through Pod Farm. Yes, you heard me correctly. Pod Farm. Most of Billy's core tone actually comes from his guitar, which is a Les Paul with Tom Anderson H3+ and H1- pickups in it. Believe you me, if you don't use this configuration, you won't get his sound. You just won't. 

The Friedman Naked is simply a Marshall Super Lead with some transformer and preamp modifications. It's nothing insanely complicated. Dave used to offer this as a mod you could get done.''


Maybe you guys know about this already maybe not, but someone should look into this. 


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