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Are Spider V 30 Updates Cumulative or Not?


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If anyone happens to know the correct answer to this question, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you. It would be nice knowing whether or not Version 1.05 also contained Versions 1.01 - 1.04.


I own the Spider V 30 and use the Line 6 Updater (although you've probably seen it ... the image is attached) to keep it up to date. While I realize each update states: 'it is highly recommended that all Line 6 users perform this update' it just seems a little odd. Because the Line 6 Updater shows updates dating back to 9/2016 and I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure in 2016 the Spider V 30 either wasn't ready for the market or it was still on the Line 6 'to do' list.


Could I blindly do exactly as it states? Absolutely!   

Will I blindly do exactly as it states? No


However, if I followed the directions then later discovered I only needed to install the most recent version (meaning I'd been wasting time following outdated instructions) I'd have no other recourse than to buy a bazooka and find whoever was supposed to update the updater.


I'm joking about the bazooka of course, but nobody in their right mind enjoys someone wasting their time.


Thanks in advance for any assistance ... 


Take it easy, 






Line 6 Updater.JPG

Line 6 Updater2.JPG

Line 6 Updater3.JPG

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Version 1.05.00 contains all the prior fixes, no need to start with the older ones and work your way forward.   I don't know exactly the reason to show the prior updates other than Line 6 wanted to provide a choice for those customers that either want to roll-back to a prior version or have a list of what the prior updates entailed.


Personally I think it would be best to have a check box that we could select that would only list the most current update.

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Hello SeaRefractor, 


Thank you so much for your assistance!


I was thinking basically the same thing in regard to why the prior updates are still listed. There must be some Line 6 owners out there who need some (but not all) updates. 


Anyway, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me. 


Take it easy,  Jim


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