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Church mixer input to HD500X for monitoring


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With the basic approach of above with Path A and Path B splits, you could output to the Phones jack and hear the PA aux in your right ear and your guitar in your left. If you put a dummy plug in the 1/4" RIGHT output jack you will stop the 1/4" summing issue and the 1/4" LEFT output will just be guitar. It's really going to have to be a lot of finicky tweaking to figure out and then, ashurghanico said, add it to every patch.


Here's a couple videos that might help (I just did a quick search but have seen the Helix one before)





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Sure, that sounds like a feasible setup! Just like how technology has advanced in the audio world, it's interesting to see how modern practices and tools have also influenced other aspects of worship. For example, some churches may draw inspiration from the rich history of church architecture, including the traditional apostolic church style, while incorporating modern materials to create unique and functional worship spaces. In any case, it's exciting to see how different industries and practices continue to evolve, whether it's in the realm of audio equipment or the design and construction of places of worship.

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