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Help with setting up direct recording

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Only just got the Spider V 120 yesterday, and spent most of the day trying to install on Windows 10 the software to allow me to record direct from the amp via usb to the PC. I totally failed.  

I have registered the amp with Line 6 and have the access code from Steinberg...but what version of Cubase LE am I meant to be downloading. They show 9.5 and 10, but I think read somewhere that is should be LE 8.

Could not find anything on YouTube and of course there is nothing on the Line 6 site. 

I brought this amp in part for this functionality and frustrated at present. 

I am new to this and would appreciate any help that anyone can offer.....and the simpler the better please. Or even if there is a way to record on my iPhone would be of great benefit.




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LE 9.5.41 is what I have.   To get access you'll need to follow a couple step process.


1. Register your amp, if not already performed and then go to your Line 6 account and select "Purchase History" under Hardware & Software.      

  • You should see a line saying "Cubase LE" under items with a "details" link.
  • You'll be provided a download access code to use at MySteinberg.   https://www.steinberg.net/en/mysteinberg/my_products.html
  • Click on "Create account" if you don't already have one and then provide the download code in the "Register eLicenser / Sofware & Enter Download Access Code" field.
  • You'll then unlock and receive a separate "activation code" from Steinberg to use. 

2. You'll select Cubase LE AI Elements during the version selection after running the eLicenser application.


As for your iPhone, no need for any special software to "record" on an iPhone, you can use the native record app once the Lightning USB cable is connected.    However other applications will provide a better experience.   There are a large number of quality DAW (digital audio workstation) applications for iOS.   

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SeaRefractor…...many thanks for your help with this and I am now up and running with recording to the PC. Using the LE 9.5.41 and its pretty awesome.


Take care....David. 

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