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Helix dedicated paths paths to l6 link mix


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I use my floor helix for my guitar, for second guitar in band and for vocal
So, in my presets I have 3 paths, my go to main 1/4 outs, second guitar to send 1+2 and vocal to main xlr outs
This allows to controll all volume from mixing desk
Also I use headphones 
Yesterday I tried powercab in music shop via l6 linl
And I discovered, that I need to change this destination of paths from XLR to All outputs or digital to hear any sound
So, can I just get all paths sound, keeping it separated outputs, via l6 link?


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L6 link is described in manual as "alternative" for AES/EBU output. So my logic tells me they are routed and controlled as "Digital" while they use common XLR connector. I would leave current routing and add a split for "Digital" output to monitor via L6 then...
...but, at two places the maual suggests L6 output is independent of AES/EBU:
"Digital Out Level Sets the AES/EBU output level. Normally, this should be left at 0.0dB." - page 52
"The Global Ins/Outs settings are not necessary for L6 LINK" - page 23. This is curious. If not necessary, so how to route output to L6? Via Multi only?
(I am using Helix LT manual)

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