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Pod Hd500x Looper Not Functioning?


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I got one of these this week and have been messing around with it but I can't seem to get the looper to work. I access the looper by pressing the looper button on the board, then I hit record, play something, then i hit play/stop, but nothing plays back. Am I missing something?

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I don't know that the unit is defective, but if you are following all instructions in the manual as you say you are.......... it should be working.


Here are a couple of things to check:

- System Setup menus, page 1: Set Looper FS to ALL VIEWS

- when you engage the Looper, do you see the Looper Display, showing the footswitch functions? If not, either your device is defective or you need to reinstall the firmware.

- In the Home Page (Signal Flow View) select the Looper to display its settings. Make sure that the Looper Playback volume is at full.


Also, be aware that the Looper has no sense of timing or tempo - it will record anything it hears (including silence) for the interval between the moments that you press the Record and Stop/Play switches. So if you recorded some silence before starting to play, then that's what you will hear at first on the playback.

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