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JTV89f modelling sounds very hot

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Hi guys, im a long time variax user and this one has stumped me. I have a JTV89 from 2011, works perfectly (although the volume/tone/pickup selector unit will be needing replaced soon). anyway, i also have a JTV89f and the past 2 or 3 weeks the modelling sounds are really hot, like the gain is too high. Clean sounds sound horrible and the acoustic tones are utterly unusable. I have both guitars on firmware v1.9 (as i prefer that to the HD modelling). The 89 sounds fab on the same patch though my Helix but as soon as a swap over to the 89f it is just horrible. What could be the problem??? 

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That definitely is weird. If you're comfortable doing this, it may behoove you to reseat all of the connectors you have easy access to. Just to do something that might correct the issue. This is the first time I've heard of this. Have you fired up Workbench just to see if somehow the Golbal level got tweaked without you're knowing it. I don't know how that would happen but I guess it would be worth a shot.

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2 hours ago, slydawg65 said:

Still having the same trouble and now the volume pot is getting scratchy and losing signal as i turn it. 


Don't know about the distorted output issue, but it would be worth a try to re-flash the firmware... sometimes that corrects various different kinds of Variax weirdness. 


As for the scratchy volume pot...eventually that happens to every guitar in the universe, and is easily remedied. A quick blast of contact cleaner should suffice.



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