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Hx Stomp: In Ear Monitoring


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Hi all,


can I use the Hx Stomp to run an amp (via the DIR or 4CM method), and at the same time run the sound through an in ear monitoring system?


At the moment I record the amp's sound with a mic, connected to a microphone-amplifier/mixer, connected to in ears... (via a wireless system, but that shouldn't matter)...


Has anybody already some experience with that?

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If you running it into an amp/cab, you're best bet is going to be to use the mic on the cabinet for your IEM. Otherwise you'll have to have a cab/IR on one of the outputs to run to the mixer directly which will eat up an FX block in ALL of your patches, and makes the routing for 4CM a little more complicated because you'd want the IR AFTER the send/return block of the amp's preamp, but NOT on the output that goes back to the amp return. If I was using the Stomp with a real amp, I'd probably just bring my own mic for IEMs (which is what I did for years before going fully direct). You definitely don't want a signal going to your IEM that doesn't have cab/IR processing or from a microphone on the cab.

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