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Saving Dual Tone Patches On Pod X3 Pro


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I am trying to create a dual tone patch to include the JC-120 preset in Tone 1 and the Smokey Lounge Bass Guitar preset in Tone 2 to User Patch ( could be any two presets to any user patch). I can save the JC 120 to Tone 1 in a Patch 1A Ok but when I try to save the Smokey Lounge preset to Tone 2 presets 1A it overwrites the JC 120 with the other tone setting in the Smokey Lounge preset. Must be something simple but can't see anything in the manual or forums.


Any pointers appreciated





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You may have Tone 2 locked. Check the padlock icon on the bottom row of the Home Page display. Turn the little black knob beneath the icon until it shows unlocked.


If that doesn't resolve things you are not saving the Tone(s) properly. The manual provides precise details on how to do what you want. You'll find it in the section on Saving Tones.

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Thanks, I want the JC 120 as tone 1 Anne the Smokey a Lunge as Tone 2 so I did find that by making sure the Smokey Lounge Tone was a tone 2 by using the swap command I was than able to save as a Tone 2 to my required location. Seems a bit of a work around but got what I wanted so that' s great

Cheers everyone

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