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Clean amp in a box suggestions.


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Can anyone suggest at convincing clean amp emulating pedal that I could tack on the the beginning of my board full of individual pedals? I have the helix, which is super dope, but I've also got a board full of analog pedals that I would like to continue using. I'm looking for recommendations on a fender style (or vox) emulation pedal similar to Wampler Black '65 Overdrive or that kind of pedal. Just looking to see if anyone has tried any that can recommend one over another.


Looking for full, "bell like", clean tones (or as close as you can get using an amp in a box). Set up would be guitar > [Amp Pedal Here] > analog pedals > tube power amp > guitar cabinet.


I figure a forum full of amp modeler guys/gals would yield the most reliable information regard amp emulation pedals.



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4 minutes ago, CraigGT said:

Very cool! The preamp live looks exactly like what I'm looking for. Just a simple preamp emulator to tack on to the front of a signal chain. I use the helix 90%  of the time, but sometimes I pull my old board out to mess around/jam. This should work well. I appreciate it.

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On 12/1/2018 at 7:47 PM, jeremyn said:

Tech 21 Sansamp Blonde or Liverpool are great 'end of chain' amp/cab emulators for people with pedal boards that want to go straight to the desk.

Hey Jeremiah Edward--


You should check out Two Notes Engineering... They have incredible stuff, and I think their "LeClean" preamp pedal is right on the money for what you're looking for:


-- K. J. (aka "Kage") --



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3 hours ago, MGW-Alberta said:

Why don't you just create a clean chimey snapshot?


Because I won't be using my helix. It's for my board with individual pedals. I'm leaning torward Effectrode Blackbird at the beginning of the chain and Torpedo C.A.B. at the end if the chain. 

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