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Updater ....it isn't!


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Hi all,

I'm trying to check if my newly acquired TT is up to date - but when I run the "Line6 Updater" utility, all I get is a blank screen after signing in?

PC OS is W10  ....Using Firefox 63.0.3 browser ( not that it should matter for a stand alone pgm)


I've tried plugging the TT in ...switching pwr on/off ...holding down the Tone & Tap buttons, but nada...zip.

So I'm outta' ideas.

Any help would be welcomed - thanks!



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UPDATED - I don't think I have a "TT", but the same thing is happening with my Amplifi 150 and the FBV shortboard connected shortboard.   I have the same issue over the past 24 hours - Very frustrating.  Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance for your help,




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Hi Sriney',

I got a reply from tech support & this kinda worked for me - with the exception of the factory reset option ( I'm not sure if it worked or not because the VOL leds never lit up even after holding the 2 buttons down for over a minute...?)

In the end I deleted my Updater pgm, rebooted, reloaded & reinstalled everything  ...


" I would suggest that you first try performing a factory reset on the AMPLIFi TT by holding the 'Tone' button and master volume knob down as you power on the AMPLIFi TT, continue to hold both of them down until you see the LED's around the master volume light up.

After the AMPLIFi TT has been factory reset turn it off once again, and press and hold both the 'Tone' and 'Tap' buttons down as you power up the AMPLIFi TT. To test that you have booted the AMPLIFi TT into 'Update mode' successfully, turn the master volume clockwise and it should scale fill with a red LED, continue to turn it clockwise and it will turn to a pink LED, continue turning it clockwise and it will turn to a white LED.
Once the AMPLIFi TT is successfully in 'Update mode' please try once again to then connect it to one of your available Windows computers USB ports. Once connected, try again to launch the Line 6 Updater application and apply the latest available firmware update for the AMPLIFi TT.

You can download the latest necessary driver version from the first link, and the latest version of the Line 6 Updater for Windows or OSX from the link below:

If you still encounter trouble attempting to apply the update, please try this entire process on all the available USB ports of the computers you are able to test with and report back with your results.

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I would just add that it's often suggested that users connect to a rear-panel USB port if they're using a desktop computer. Those are generally connected directly-connected to the motherboard, and are usually capable of supplying more power to the port than front-panel USB connections, that are connected via small cables. 

Good luck to both of you -- updating these things can be frustrating, risky and expensive!

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