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Import/convert presets without device

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Hi all,


does anyone know a way how to convert presets from e.g. Helix LT to Hx Stomp, without owning an LT?


I really would like to try some of the LT presets from Costumtone on.my stomp...

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The older version of Edit for the HD series and even prior all had OFF LINE mode... you could load a preset even if you didn't have a device connected so you could analyze it, and try to replicate it. Sadly, HX Edit does not offer this mode...


Preset files are just TEXT files in a json format. You can open these files and learn how to read them... the settings are all there once you learn how to find them. When I moved from an HX Effects to a HELIX LT this is how I had to transfer my favorite settings. It worked fine... 

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