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XT Live: Replacement power pack

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The previous owner of my XT Live replaced the original pack with a monsterous industrial multi-voltage adaptor, which is huge and heavy.

I was thinking about getting this one 9V Charger Replacement Pedal Line 6 POD XT Live.


Does that look like an AC/AC adaptor to you? It promises to be a bit too small and thin (110g 8x5x3cm) in my opinion. That's what I'd expect from a DC adaptor, and it doesn't seem to have the the 'boxy' shape of an AC adaptor. I'm worried that I'll either not get the AC charger pictured and end up with another huge one, or that I will get the charger pictured, but it won't be AC/AC.


I'm trying to contact the seller, but it seems you can only do that through the stupid 'ask the community' feature, and very few sellers seem to reply to that.

Opinions, please.

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The page you referenced is somewhat misleading. The main picture that first came up is of a 9V DC supply that is of a different physical size, configuration and voltage type than the XT Live requires.


There is a picture and a link to another power supply under the line that reads:  "Los clientes que vieron este producto también vieron"


That supply outputs 9V AC, which is what the XT Live requires as its input power.




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