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Helix LT & Shuriken - Problem switching guitar models in with snapshots

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Trying to program different guitar models to change via Snapshots. 
SO I programmed a preset with different effects, then in the Variax settings to "global" and then hold and dialled until my desired guitar model was shown in brackets. 
Saved the preset then changed to snapshot 2 turned the knob until I had my other desired guitar model into brackets and saved again.


Now when I change the snapshots, all the effects on/off work as expected, but for the guitar model to change it doesn't work reliably. Sometimes it stays at the model the switch on the guitar is set to. 

Sometimes it switches to the right guitar model 2 or 3 times, and sometimes it even selects a complete different model. I programmed Snapshot 1 with Shuriken and Snapshot 2 with Leicester 5. 

Coming from a preset where I used acoustic 2 it should change to Shuriken, but stays on acoustic2. Then I change to snapshot 2 and I get the right Leicester 5, than back to Snap 1 I get the right Shuriken, but then back to Snap two all of a sudden I get Leicester-1

Am I missing something ?

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On 12/3/2018 at 9:06 AM, manuelwenger said:

Am I missing something ?


Do you have snapshots set to "discard" or "recall" in the global settings? 


I found that I had to set that to "discard" in order to get the "expected" (programmed) results every time with snapshot changes. With recall... I would often forget that I changed guitar positions... and the new model was retained when I returned to that snapshot rather than loading the programmed model. In that case it's not the fault of the unit... it's working as intended. It's just my brain that gets confused.


Once I went to "discard" the snapshot loaded the programmed model every time regardless of whether or not I changed positions. My brain accepts that much easier :)

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