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Out of Warranty Service Center lookup

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I have an L2m  that has a 60hz hum.

I've eliminated the external cables and signal path, and I'm now sure it's within the unit itself.  It's an older unit, no warranty but in excellent condition otherwise.


Is there someplace I can look up official service centers.  I know of some dealers, but they don't do service.


Also, is there someplace I can order parts?  I cracked one of the end caps tightening the screws too much... I'd like to buy a new one.




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If you're in the UK there is only one service centre, and they will also supply parts. It's a painful process getting spares or service and they're expensive!


E & M Electronics
10 Peverel Drive, Granby 
Milton Keynes, MK1 1NL



 I have an L2T that  doesn't fire up anymore. Doesn't seem to be any power to the board, so I'd guess at the power supply, but guessing can get expensive real quick. When I rang the service guys they want £150 to diagnose it and if the power supply needs to be replaced then it's another £80 odd pounds for the part. Add shipping and insurance both ways, and your into nearly £300.00. Mine are all out of warranty now too, so I may as well open it up and check it myself. 

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For that money buying another brand becomes appealing. How anybody can justify 150 just to try and work out which component is broken is ridiculous. The only problem with DIY is that it is implied that the units are sealed in a very specific way and that not reassembling correctly could affect the sound. 


Never fancied it it myself as it is all but impossible to work on modern pbc or supplies and sourcing spares for low volume kit is very difficult.

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