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Not Sure What To Buy Dt50 Or Lt2


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I own a DT50 2x12 Combo and the L3t and love them both but I'd have to say I enjoy playing through my DT a little more but the quality of the pod hd500 thru the L3T is mind blowing as well. I can see where with a live situation that doesn't have a FOH system you would need more than one L3T ( big club /auditorium/) but for my house and little jam sessions it kicks butt.

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If you have acoustic sounds or mic going through the HD500 then you need a full range output so you need the L2/3, so the decision is made for you.


If you are only playing electric guitar through the HD500 then the DT may be a little better.


In my case I play about half the set with JTV acoustic sounds so I use some FRFR speakers which I got before the L series speakers were announced.

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