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Problem with a Mission Engineering SP-1


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Hi all,

Today is my first day with my new Helix Rack.
It sounds great and I love it, but I encountered my first issue.
I've got a ME SP-1 plugged on the Helix Control and I want to use it as an auto-engaging wah pedal.
I put a wah block and the pedal works, but after the middle of the "swing" the wah effects peaks the 100% and after that starts to decrease: with the pedal all the way up the wah is bypassed.
Anyone has the same problem?

Thank you in advance.



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Apparently this happens with TRS jacks - or stereo ones. But you can reverse the polarity in the Helix to overcome it. Or so someone on another forum said. If it's wrong I'm sure someone will come along shortly with a more accurate answer!

I bought a Line 6 specific Mission pedal so I don't have any issues

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You need to build a special cable, with TRS on a side and TS on the other side. On the TS side you just keep the ring wire cut and isolated, then you solder sleeve and tip.


TRS will go to pedal, TS into Helix EXP. Recalibrate and it will work as it should. 

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