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Hi there. I´m a spanish  musician playing several times a week in a cover band. Always have had Line 6 products, from the first POD model to HD500, Relay Wireless Systems... etc... Now I´ve sold my HD500 and bought a HELIX LT. I´m quite happy with it; good sound enough for giggin' and great flexibility to organize large setlists of songs with many changes and variations in gain and FX thanks to snapshots.


My big problem is... I also have a Variax 500, wich I love, but I can´t see what to do now..


Old Variax models and Helix are not fully compatible.  And.... there is no left handed models for the new variax range.


I could put my Helix on sale and get an old HD 500 again, but it seems a lollipop solution, don't you think? I don´t want to give up to all my new bank of sounds (better than ever) and the "snapshots" flexibility.


If Line 6 is not decided to create a lefty model for new Variax is OK to me, I´m fine with my old 500... but we need a solution for fixing this, and we need it soon, please.


Is there any chance to create any sofware "patch" for the Workbench editor in order to connect with Helix? Or any special update for Lefty registered owners? 
Right handed people can update from Variax 500 to Standard, JTV or Shuriken.... but there´s nothing we can do so far. 




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When I got a Helix I decided to keep my HD500 as a backup... not only as a backup to the Helix, but also an option for me to connect my old Variax to the computer when needed. 


Don't sell the Helix and take a step backward. I'd recommend that you find a used XT/X3 Live... it will come in handy for more than a workbench interface. I can see you are in Spain so this might not be as easy as it is here in North America... 

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