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Cleaning Pod Hd500 Board.


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Hi Friends of Line6 Community,

Firstly please let me introduce myself I'm Geffen, I am new to POD HD500, I am almost about 5 months using HD500 and it seems that the board and switches starting to have kind of dirt. I am planning to clean it with dry cloth. Do you have any suggestion for me what is the best way to clean it?


Thanks a lot guys :)


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My main suggestion is that if your HD500 is new (still under warranty) you should not open the HD500 to clean the interior. That will void your warranty.


For the exterior I use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment occasionally to remove dust. For the knobs, simply rotate them vigorously back and forth through their full range many times. This should clear any dust/dirt from the shafts (do this prior to vacuuming).


For the switches - they should not be problematic on a new HD500 after only five months. If your HD500 is still under warranty and the switches are failing you should take it to a Line 6 service center. If it is not new I would take it in for servicing anyway, and pay for it.

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a dampened soft cloth like a microfiber cleaning cloth should take care of any heavy dirty areas like spilled dried liquids (beer, coffee, bong water) or use it dry for light dust/dirt. 


an electronics cleaner can be sprayed into the switches and knobs. then rotate the knobs and work the switches to clean. this stuff drys very quickly and leaves no residue. to go one step further, you can also get a dry film spray lube designed for electronics that has a high dielectric property (will not conduct electricity). spray sparingly and wipe over-spray.

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