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Spider Valve 112 MK1 Circuit Diagram Question

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Hi all,

I have a question regarding the circuit diagram of the Spider Valve 112 MK1 (I attached a screenshot from the manual).

As I read it, the All-tube power amp section consists of the pre-amp tubes AND the power amp tubes. However, the Preamp out is right before that section where the pre-amp tubes are. And the input to this  All-Tube Power Amp section is labelled Power Amp In.

So, when I go with an external signal (in this case from Hx Stomp pedal) into the Power Amp In, I still use the preamp and poweramp section of the Spider Valve, correct? Although the section from Guitar in to Preamp Out is completely bypassed.

Im confused


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What manual? Never seen this.

Don't mess with it. stay out of the insides of it. The shock hazard is too dangerous.

It really hurts when you get zapped.


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The buffer stage before the pre-outs are also pre-amps.

The tube power stage has pre's as well. You don't go high gain all at once, so there are two pre-amp tubes.

Typical in such a configuration. It's a hybrid amp, pre stage out of the processor board, a pre stage for the

input of the tube amp section.


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