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Panning not working in Reaper bus


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On 12/14/2018 at 9:46 AM, Schivosa said:

In Reaper, I made a bus track and I am sending two guitar tracks to it. The issue is that it centers both the tracks and I can't pan the guitars left and right. I am using Helix Native for the guitars. Any ideas? Thanks.



I'm still figuring Helix and Reaper out today, but I did find that the Helix routing options are a bit confusing.  I just had a similar post actually.  I think you need to adjust the panning in Helix as well, and possibly mute Path 2 since it runs in parallel by default.


FYI, you could just use the folder option in Reaper and pan the individual child tracks for right and left.  But the bus routing works too.


1) Load up a parent folder track, or bus

2) Add 2 child tracks, or sends, and pan them

3) Add Helix to the parent track

4) Add an effect to Path 1

5) Drag the effect down until the parallel path line appears

6) Hover your mouse over the point where the path splits until you see a circle

7) Click on the circle

8) Set "Balance A" all the way left, and "Balance B" all the way right

9) Click on the circle on the other end where the two lines meet back up

10) Set the A Pan all the way left and the B Pan all the way right

11) Click on the Input "Host" icon for Path 2 (bottom left)

12) Change it to None


You should now be able to put guitar L and guitar R through separate MONO channels in Path 1 (1A and 1B).


If you need more processing power (if you're doing 2 guitars - you will):

1) Click on the Output "Host" button for Path 1 (top right)

2) Choose >2A

3) Do the same thing as above for path too... e.g. add an effect to Path 2, drag the effect down, adjust the split and merge point panning options.


This will give you 2 separate guitar signals throughout, panned hard left and right.



You would THINK you could simply route guitar 1 to Path 1 and guitar 2 to Path 2, but that does NOT appear to be the case.  You have to route guitar 1 to Path 1A (L) and guitar 2 to Path 1B (R), and then chain Path 2 if you don't have enough DSP to do what you want. 



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