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Line6 Pod Studio Gx Mono Output Problem


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Sorry if my english is not very good, I'm Indonesian


I have a problem with line6 POD Studio GX

The output from the line out/headphones is mono, i can't make it stereo. Pan pot doesnt change the output sound panning.

Here are some things that i've done to fix the problem (but not work)


Reinstall the software

Change the headphone/line out jack till 6 times

Updating to the latest driver/software/monkey etc

Installing it on different computer

Installing on different OS (Windows XP/Windows 7)

Setting the line6 audio/midi setting


None of the above is work.


Usually i can fix some problem like this, I've been using many line6 product since 2003, and i'm working as line6 endorser for PT. Citra Intirama in Indonesia since 2005. So usually i can fix small problem like this. But this one is different, i thing i got a defective unit.


Please help. Maybe i miss something.



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20 hours ago, Guitarix said:

I have the same problem and I haven't found the answer anywhere. 
Can anyone describe in this forum whether it is the fault of the equipment or can it be fixed? 
That's why it was so cheap because the gx is broken?


Please describe exactly what you are doing and listening to. 

Headphones in mono - meaning you only hear sound from one earphone, or that the same thing is coming out of both?  Do you have the headphones plugged in with any kind of adapter?

If it is sound from just one earphone, then your PodFarm (or other audio settings) are set to mono.

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