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No Audio with Custom Patches


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Looked in forums, can't seem to find an answer.


I have downloaded about 6 custom patches from youtubers, etc. And only one of them works.


The other 5, I can't seem to get any audio from them. I've imported them the same way, re-downloaded them. They're all from different sources. The .hlx file seems to be fine, just can't get them to work on the board.. 


Any ideas? I just got my Helix so this might be a question easily answered.



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I've had weird results with downloaded patches, including no sound.  On a few, i couldn't figure out the problem and either deleted or used the blocks and settings for a new patch from scratch.  If the patch has volume/pan blocks that are controlled by an expression pedal,  try just bypassing those blocks.  The link to the controller might be messed up and they will default to zero.  I guess the would work with all of the blocks, bypassing one at a time until some sound happens.  Not the only solution, but another place to check.  Many of the more "exotic" patches assign expression pedals in creative ways.

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