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HX Stomp -How to assign Boss FS-5U Footswitches


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I have 2 Boss FS-5U Footswitches that I am trying to assign to Exp 1/2 of Helix HX Stomp and for the life of me I cannot get it done!  All I want to do is control the up/down of presets.  Why is this so difficult? Can anyone help?  It is plugged into EXP 1/2 with a y cable.  Thank you.

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I am away from my Stomp right now so my memory is a bit foggy, but I think it had something to do with the way you call the tuner, and the way the additional switches aren't as complex as the Stomp's inbuilt three. To call the tuner by default, you have to hold down the FS3, and so part of my memory is I had to set in the Stomp's global settings that FS4 was a latch instead of a momentary one.  Then again, if you held the switch down it ought to work so I may be completely off here.  However, BEFORE you try messing with that, ensure the following is true in the global settings because there are two areas that have to be changed:



Make sure that Exp/FS Tip is set to footswitch 4 input jack.



Set the FS4 global setting to Tap/Tuner.


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Thank you so much for your answers.  To (maybe) clarify; I assigned FS3 to stomp so I need an "external" tuner.

In a recent post someone said: With 2.7, [ACTION] + [PAGE>] together will start the tuner, useful if you have set switch 3 to stomp instead of tuner/tap.

This is a solution but I want to do this with an external pedal to avoid bending down and pushing buttons at rather hectic gigs :-) 

I will do some more searching.  Thank you again.



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