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Amp Head's DI Out into Powercab. Anyone tried this?


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Hi All,


I'm using the PC112+ with AX8. But I'm considering buying a Laney L5 Studio head. It has a DI out (and built in power soak). I wonder what is the tone like running the amp's DI out into the PC.

Has anyone tried this? There are several other amps that has this cabless DI feature like Hughes & Kettner... 


Love to hear your experience!

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I put a tube amp with DI output in the effects loop of my Helix followed by multiple cabinet IRs I can select with snapshots. I follow this with delay and reverb blocks before sending it to the Powercab plus running in FRFR mode. I previously tried this using studio monitors, but the PC+ makes it sound much more like a real guitar amp/cab. This is one of my go-to presets. I think you could do something similar with the AX8.



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