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Recommendations about Spider Valve MK2 120 2x12

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Hello,    Looking for tips on how to use/setup a Spider Valve MK2  120 2x12 that I recently purchased from an individual. Unfortunately two weeks after purchase the small rotary knob for the selections (toward the right side) fell off. Closer inspection proved the metal stem was broke off and someone had glued it back on. Contacted Line 6 to locate an authorized repair location. The only one in Indiana is 65mi South of me. Took it in and they estimated $160(ouch) and three weeks time. It has bee five weeks now, and was told it would be another two to three weeks yet when I called last week. 

       So, while I am waiting on it to be fixed, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to set it up and get the best out of it.  The music I play is: 50/60 Rock n Roll, Old Country, and Gospel. Prior Line 6 experience is with my Spider 2 160w 2x12, and a Spider 3 75w 1x12 amp..    Thanks for the info and replies.

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Best advice,...

Use the specified tubes, and have it properly biased by a Line 6 authorized service tech who knows the insides of these.

Don't do it yourself, the high voltage hazard makes it a dangerous thing. Keep your fingers out of the insides of these. It really

hurts if you get zapped.


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